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Our Management Company

145 Rose Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40507
(P) 859.225.3680
(F) 502.414.1801
Our Belief is that the most successful projects are those which focus on the goals of the client. Essential to this approach is the ability to establish a close working relationship—A PARTNERSHIP—to develop building and site solutions and management strategies in a framework which assigns a high priority to COLLABORATION.
A wholly owned operating company of CRM Development, CRM Facilities Management is headquartered in Lexington, KY. The company has managed or currently MANAGES OVER 3.5 MILLION SQUARE FEET and 6,000 ADDRESSES in 257 different locations, for 128 CLIENTS and employs over 1000 people. These properties are located throughout the United States in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and South Carolina.
The mission of CRM Facilities Management is to provide reliable, cost-effective facilities and property management services that will alleviate the everyday and long-term burdens of facilities demands on our customers, and to do so in a manner that surpasses expectations with higher reliability than any other property or facilities management company.
For more information please contact CRM Management www.crmco.com or call 859.225.3680